Leadership Circle
The following members of the Forklift Danceworks Leadership Circle support our programs and performances with annual gifts of $2,500 +. Through their extraordinary generosity and leadership, these individuals inspire and inform Forklift’s future.
Amon and Carol Burton
Lori and Frances Fey
Randal Fippinger
Sarah Finley
Noah and Kyle Hawley
Charlotte Herzele
Lisa Lee and Rick Whitworth
Blake and Ana Magee
Julie and Christian Remde
Eugene Sepulveda and Steven Tomlinson
Celeste Sheppard, MD
Allen Small
Sustaining Donors
The following individuals help to ensure the sustainability of Forklift Danceworks through their generous, recurring donations. Sustaining donors generously fund a variety of program and performance needs each year.
Tab Barker
Sally Beaudette
Clif Drummond
Heath and Kimberly Hignight
Jane Hirshberg and Scott Schmidt
Ana Martinez
Cheryl Mele
Cile Montgomery
Janie Orr
Gayle and Robin Stallings
Debra and Robert Watkins
Jennifer Wijangco
Individual supporters are the lifeblood of our company. We thank the following generous donors for their support of Forklift Danceworks!
Heather Alden
Jamie Allen
Anne Elizabeth and Joaquin Avellán
Crista Bailey
Rocio Balderas
Peter Bay and Mela Dailey
Nicole Beckley
Emily Blazer
Paul Booth
Leslie Briggs
Jeremy Bruch
Dan Bullock and Annette Carlozzi
Erin Burget
Mollie Butler
Peggy Carr
Jo Cassandra Cuevas
Aaron Chang
Barry Chernoff
Caroline Clark
Mayor Frank and Lynn Cooksey
Laura J. Cortez and Jason Clark
Randal and Irene Craft
Mark Cravotta
Tina Curran
Ulla Dalsgaard and Chris Sharman
Colleen Davis
Will Dibrell
Becca and Steve Dobberfuhl
Kathleen Durst
Hal and Jacque Eastman
Cassie Eckerman
Rachel and Andy Elder
Barbara and Robert Faires
Jill Fanette
Patricia Fiske
April Floyd
Kelty Garbee
Sara Garcia
Yvonne Garcia
Roger Gordon
Melanie and Andy Greene
Dan Griffiths
Sean and Cybil Guess
Nelson Guda
Alé and John Hamlet
Anthony Haley
Nan Hallock
John and Judye Hartman
Mary Ann Harvey
Patricia Harris
Stephanie Hart
Jennifer Haston
Deborah Hay
Lindy Heatherington
Marian Henley
Heath and Kimberly Hignight
Amy Holloway and Chris Engle
Kevin Holcomb
Lynn Hoare
Mark Holzbach
Lynn Roth Jordan
Robert Jordan
Kathryn Judge
Alison Kafer
Beth and Tim Kerr
David Kendrick
Lois Kim
Loren Kirkpatrick
Jill Kolasinski and Rip Esselstyn
Keith and Evangelina Kreeger
Surabhi Kukke and Paige Trabulsi
Trinity Laban
Whitney Langdon
Barbara Legere
Isabel LeMay
Kendall Levy
Margaret Levering
Jason and Krissi Lindsey
Emily Little
Cara and Chris Lowrimore
Rachel Lomas
David & Susan Lydic
The Marshall Family
Christina and Lucas Martell
Michele Martell
Krissie Marty and Bill Norris
Patricia Marty
Rachel McClure
Holly McCollough
Richard McCormick
Matthew McEvoy
Sherry and Billy McHale
Charlotte McIntryre
Matthew Michael
Amy Miley
Travis Mills
Lori Moffatt and Randall Anthony
Kelly and Andy Mormon
Laura Morrison
Susan Morehead
Rachel Muir
Mark Newman
Jack and Jill Nokes
Rosalie Oliveri
Ann Trabulsi O’Neill
Allison Orr and Blake Trabulsi
Jennifer Orr and Matt Reilly
Robert and Libby Orr
Ruth and Jaime Pennebaker
Shirley Peña
Mark Pinsky and Jennifer Paget
Virginia and Bryan Potter
Sarah Price
Vanessa Puig-Williams
Carmen and Juan Carlos Pulido
Ian and Jane Randolph
Yvette Reynolds
Marissa Redd
Nicole Reese
Nancy Reiter and Eric Evans
Graham Reynolds and Shawn Sides
Karin Richmond
Arthur Rogers
Vicki Russell
Jessica Sager
Catherine Sargent
Kodi Sawin
Chris and Carrie Schnoor
Kara Schulz
Lauren Sheppard and David Wolfson
Bea Ann Smith
Eileen Smith
Anne and Rich Smalling
Karen Sonleitner
Ann Starr and Stephen Beasley
Ingmar Sterzing
Brenda and Tom Strama
Jeff Taylor
Timothy Thomas
Sarah Tower
Diane and Dick Trabulsi
Tricia and Mark Traeger
Laura Smith and Daniel Traverso
Elliot Trester and Barbara Wilson
Teresa and Kenny Trice
Leland Ulmer
Heather Uthoff
Holly Vandrovec
Katie Walsh
David & Tiffany Weaver
Jennifer Winkelman
Catherine and Scott Worley
Alison Young
Stephanie Zeitz