Arts and Culture Texas

"Convention is not a part of Allison Orr’s vocabulary. The Forklift Danceworks artistic director has carved out a particular niche in the site-specific performance world of Texas—one that draws attention to the people and systems that keep our communities ticking, often without thanks or notice. This is Orr’s specialty: bringing the invisible to the forefront." -Claire Christine Spera, Arts and Cuture Texas 

Austin Woman Magazine

"... Austin choreographer Allison Orr has persuaded the unlikeliest of folks to collaborate with her. Now Orr’s back at it again with another concept-busting dance performance. This time, the founder and artistic director of Forklift Danceworks has enlisted the people that keep our lights on and our AC running—the employees of Austin Energy." - Julie Tereshchuk, Austin Woman Magazine

Scene in Austin

"She says people who haven't performed before often don't believe the public will show up to the performance, care about it, or think it will be any good.  But Allison knows their fears will ultimately prove to be unfounded." - Jamie Twitchel, Scene in Austin 

Texas Highways

"Award-winning Austin choreographer Allison Orr is lifting the old Texas saying—dance with the one that brung ya—to new heights."- Texas Highways feature on Allison Orr as an extraordinary Texan

District Days at Historic Down FIeld and 'Play Ball'

"He and his players performed the centerpiece entertainment created by Allison Orr, who has previously worked wonders with sanitation and utility workers. Prolific genius Graham Reynolds provided the ballpark musical score as the players emerged from the dark like so many ghosts from "Field of Dreams."-Michael Barnes, Out and About

The Austin Chronicle

"With Orr setting work on living creatures, the sense of community her productions invoke expanded beyond the civic, beyond even the human, to encompass the natural world."-The Austin Chronicle 

Tribeza Magazine

"Using art to reveal the way a city works is often intrinsic to the pieces Orr produces. Orr and her team zero in on humanizing how communities function […] Collaborating on 'My Park, My Pool, My City,' the hope is to raise these issues in a real and human way." - Tribeza Magazine feature

The New York Times

"Garbage becomes art. Its primary subject is Allison Orr, a choreographer who sees elements of dance in unlikely places.  Ms. Orr’s project creates a way to both honor and celebrate the employees’ efforts."  - New York Times, Arts Beat

KUT 90.5

"In the face of disheartening news, Orr offers a chance to dance." - Audrey McGlinchy, KUT (June 2017)

Dance Magazine

"We are thrilled that the story behind dancemaker Allison Orr's jarringly visceral The Trash Project—in which 24 employees of Austin's Solid Waste Services Department animate the cranes, lights, and other features of 16 trucks on an old airport tarmac—has been captured in a documentary film." - Kina Poon, Dance Magazine

Arts and Culture Texas - July 2017

"It’s this call to action that makes Bartholomew Swims different from any prior Forklift work. In past projects…the goal was to reveal the hidden figures that keep Austin operational, highlighting their hard work. Bartholomew Swims, on the other hand, is intended as a 'catalyst for moving people forward in a direction on something that matters to them,' said [Forklift Associate Artistic Director Krissie] Marty." - Claire Christine Spera

Texas Monthly

"...[The King & I] manages to capture both the tragic and humorous facets of the legend’s legacy."- Texas Monthly

Austin Chronicle

"Part civic engagement initiative, part ethnography project, and part movement performance, My Park, My Pool, My City attempts to help us better cope with these unknowns and understand the challenges, in typical Forklift fashion: by showing us the humans and demystifying the work." - Jonelle Seitz, Austin Chronicle


"With her transformative, visionary power to see beauty, grace and elegance in the most unlikely places, Orr has reimagined the way we think about dance." - Lisa Siva, Tribeza

KLRU Collective

"Allison Orr, with Forklift Danceworks, produced a creative ballet on a grand scale that introduced the audience to the real beauty in the work of our Solid Waste Services employees.” - Austin City Council Member Laura Morrison, KRLU Collective

Il Nuovo Venezia on "The Gondola Project"

“Delizioso.” – Il Nuovo Venezia

The Austin Chronicle on "Solo Symphony"

"Man, you think you know an artist. Then along comes a project in which this artist takes you somewhere you didn't expect to go, reveals a side you hadn't seen before."  - Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

Engaging Matters

"The [Trash Project] took the day-to-day work of an unappreciated and unrecognized city department and made it into an art form that won several awards. As the men and women in collections now pick up trash, recycling, brush and bulky items, and clean the streets we have a sense of pride. The public now comes up, saying they saw The Trash Project, and asks our employees for autographs."  - Jermaine Defreeze, a Maintenance Worker Leader

"These “ordinary” people are important contributors to our society and important to our well-being. (Remember why Dr. King was in Memphis when he was assassinated?) For the arts to make a contribution to their sense of well-being and to the wider community’s appreciation of them is a powerful, important thing to do."  - Doug Borwick, Engaging Matters, Arts Journal Blog