T is for 200 Two-Steppers on the Steps of the Texas Capitol

A dance to kick off the 2010 Fusebox Festival

April 21, 2010
The Texas Capitol

Choreographer: Allison Orr
Musical Director: Graham Reynolds
Commissioned by: Fusebox Festival

Serving as the kick-off event for the 2010 Fusebox Festival, T is for… featured hundreds of two-steppers on the steps of the Texas Capitol. What might have been the grandest of all two-steps, this free performance celebrated the two-step’s rich cultural history while showcasing local dancers who love and live for the dance. Including 300+ dancers in the final grand all-step, T is for… featured a live Texas swing Orchestra directed by Graham Reynolds and fronted by Austin favorite Dale Watson.

Allison spent four months visiting Austin’s famous honky-tonks and recruiting dancers for the performance—which included a waltz, swing, polka, and even a number to the “Dallas” theme. She loves to two-step now and is proud to be able to hold her own on dance floor with some of Austin’s best two-steppers!