Dance/USA: “All of Us Are Dancers”

“All three artists are trained dancers who have moved away from the conventional trappings of Western concert dance to explore and revel in the endless possibilities of human and non-human movement. They each challenge the arbitrary division between capital-D Dance and dance embedded in specific communities. They bring a dance mindset to bear on everyday activity and the everyday human body with its specialized knowledge culled from years of habituated movement as a result of work practices, disease, and aging. In so doing, the line between abstract postmodern dance and socially engaged creative practice blurs.”

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Austin Chronicle: On the Job

“In their brisk five-minute Q&A sessions, Orr and Marty manage not only to reconnect with these workers, but also to advocate for them by making those of us who benefit from city services aware of the added load employees are shouldering because of the coronavirus shutdown.”

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KUT Arts Eclectic: On the Job

“That realization inspired Forklift’s latest project, On the Job, which this time isn’t a dance at all but rather a document – comprising interviews and photographs – of the day-to-day lives of their collaborators, many of whom are considered essential workers and still doing their jobs every day.”

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Bloomberg Philanthropies Newsletter: On the Job

Bloomberg Philanthropies featured On the Job as the “Daily Inspiration” in their recent newsletter.

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MacDowell Colony Awards Fellowships

The MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire, has named the eighty-seven artists who will receive fellowships for the organization’s upcoming winter and spring residency program.

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Harvard Business Review

“The show, called ‘From the Ground Up,‘ was as colorful as it was unusual: Folks who do some of the least glamorous work (and least visible) on campus showcased their skills, creativity, and humor to the delight of the community.”

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Winston-Salem Monthly on From the Ground Up

“Synchronized mowing and a sweepers’ quintet are among the planned segments of the October performance on Hearn Plaza, and Orr expects an audience of more than 1,000 people to attend. And while the public performance is the grand finale of a yearlong project, Orr returns to the long-term impact of dance as a conversation starter and community builder.”

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Sightlines: Givens Swims Dives Deep Into a Community

“A faint violet crown rose in the east and the pool glimmered in blue light as Austin rap artist Nook Turner kicked things off straight into high gear with his anthem, ‘The A.’ The program swung between pounding energy and thoughtful reminiscence as the story of Givens unfolded. Turner is himself a community activist, engaged with reclaiming public space in East Austin.”

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KVUE on Givens Swims

“Forklift Danceworks put on a big show at Givens Pool for the ‘My Park, My Pool, My City’ project.”

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Decibel: A Pool Party for the People

Hear from community collaborators, performers, and Forklift’s Artistic Director Allison Orr in Decibel’s recent profile of Givens Swims.

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