Perspectives on Givens

As part of Givens Swims, artists Cindy Elizabeth and Ernesto Hernandez created temporary installations at Givens Pool. In collaboration with the Forklift Danceworks performances, their art work brought in additional community stories. Commissioned through the City of Austin Art in Public Places Program, this collaboration and creative research connects My Park, My Pool, My City to a permanent artistic work at the future renovated Givens Pool.

“I am a self-taught muralist with a focus on fusing art and technology. I create many of my works as a communal enterprise, to bring pride to the community and its creators. The 4D Augmented Reality Mural at Givens Pool reflects past, present and future coming together through the nurturing environment Givens Park has provided for the community. With West African Adinkra symbols adorning the background, Dr. Everett H. Givens overlooks everyday scenes at the park including families at play, Ada Stewart Harden and her sisters at the pool in 1958, and Hands Full of Cash Car Club. These images represent the hope the community has that this park and pool can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

—Ernesto Ramirez Hernandez

This image is interactive! Download Augment El Paso from your app store and scan the image of the mural for additional content.

Ernesto collaborated with David Flores in the creation of the mural and with David Figueroa for the augmented reality element of the installation.

The mural features Antoine L. Causey; Marley Davis; Ross Davis; “Silver Davis,” Rogerick Davis’ car; Jaeden Green; and Elma, Joylie, Rosa, Mary, and Ada Stewart Harden.

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Images by Justin Humphrey