Invasion of the New Grrrl Order

April 25, 2012 on the 
Terrace of the Long Center for the Performing Arts

“Allison Orr’s sweaty crush of girl-rockers and disparate groups thwarted attempts to approach it from a single perspective.”
-Jonelle Seitz, The Austin Chronicle

Inspired by the Riot Grrrl and women’s punk movement, Invasion of the New Grrrl Order featured 100+ teen and pre-teen girls in an outdoor performance on the grounds and terrace of the Long Center. Directed by Allison Orr with Assistant Choreographer Leigh Robbie Gaymon-Jones, the dance kicked off the 2012 Fusebox Festival. Accompanied by the celebrated punk band The Coathangers and Austin-based DJ Mahealani, the performance – music directed by Emily Marks – featured original poetry and performances by the participating girls. The dance concluded with a grand finale to Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl, after which the girls reveled in smashing 100 homemade paper mache guitars.

Invasion of the New Grrrl Order was listed as a Top 10 Dance of 2012 by the Austin Chronicle.


The Austin Chronicle Top 10 Dance Event of 201 | The Austin Chronicle Review by Jonelle Seitz

Jonelle Seitz of The Austin Chronicle writes: “To kick off Fusebox 2012, choreographer Allison Orr (of Trash Project renown) recruited a slew of girls to rock out with The Coathangers on the Long Center lawn for a performance called Invasion of the New Grrrl Order. The result was cute, messy, and interesting with regard to context: Doting parents wielding iPhones to capture their daughters’ 15 minutes (see Fame, below) likely had a different experience than those who came for the grunge-punk and performance art. If you straddled both perspectives, the girls were sweet and alien, powerful and bratty. I was struck by how American these grrrls were.”