A Beautiful Symphony

As part of Take Me Out to Downs Field, photographer and visual artist Cindy Elizabeth created a portrait series that pays tribute to the rich history of Downs Field. Cindy unveiled the series during our Virtual Art Exhibit and Poetry Slam.

A Beautiful Symphony explores the importance of Downs Field to the continual flourishing of baseball in Texas. The historical dance performed by Negro League baseball players on the Downs Field stage is magnified and ushered into the forefront in this series. Due to the strides made by those Negro League players, A Beautiful Symphony not only celebrates the legacy of past players, but uplifts the narratives of Huston-Tillotson baseball and softball teams of today, adding to the orchestra of sound. The last layer this series explores, without which there would be no tomorrow, are the future generations of players who, as a result of the groundwork laid down by Negro League players in Texas, are able to imagine their role in the sport, no matter their gender, race, sexuality, ability or class.

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Cindy’s work was on display at Downs Field from October 2020 – December 2021.
Downs Field is located at 2816 E. 12th Street in Austin, Texas.

A Beautiful Symphony was part of a partnership between Six Square—Austin’s Black Cultural District and Forklift Danceworks. The project was supported in part by St. David’s Foundation and the Austin Parks Foundation.

The display at Downs Field was made possible through a partnership with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department. Learn more on their website or at 512-974-6700.

Images by Cindy Elizabeth


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